Festive opening temporary accommodation Sports & Culture

12 January 2015 by Communication

On Tuesday, 20 January, everyone is welcome as of 18:00 to celebrate the opening of the temporary accommodation, while enjoying a snack and a drink!

At 18.30 we will officially open the temporary accommodation and jointly raise a glass. After the opening, everyone can take a look inside, and from 19:00 all specially scheduled lessons, can be tried for free. The planned biannual price cut of the sports card (usually 1 February) is linked to the festive opening, and will now start at January 20th.

The temporary accommodation will be realised in order to support a growing number of students. This is in preparation for the construction of the new accommodation, which is expected to be completed in the spring of 2017. The temporary accommodation will meet the high demand for extension of the programming for Spinning, popular group classes (Zumba and Steps), dance activities, and Yoga and Meditation. The lessons which are scheduled in the temporary accommodation are included in the sports card offer. Therefore, for these lessons a valid sports card is required. In addition to the sports and culture programming, the temporary accommodation will also facilitate events and meetings.

Check out the schedule below, for all the lessons you can try out for free during this evening.



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