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Construction work announcements

18/04 From 24/04 - 22/05 constuction work takes place on the walls in the hallway between Hall 1 and fitness area

17 April 2017

From 24 April until 22 May work will be done on the walls of the hallway between Hall 1 and the fitness area. The hallway will be narrowed and the lockers are moved to the entrance to Hall 3 and 4. Hall 1, the fitness area and the surrounding changing rooms will remain open.


17/04 From 17 April until 21 August 2017: Conference Rooms Sports out of use

10 April 2017

From 17 April until 21 August the Conference Rooms Sports will be out of service. The programming which takes place in these spaces will be moved to other areas during these building works. Check the schedule on the website for more information.


Construction work in the picture

Health and safety first!

Health and safety are very important at Sports & Culture. In places where people work out hard and play sports, good hygiene and the prevention of bacterial growth are of vital importance. Recently the new shower and changing rooms have been put into use at Sports & Culture. In the interest of preventing legionella, a pasteurization-system has been installed in the water installations; an...Continue

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