20/05 Musical lecture: Albert Einstein

20 mei 2017 | 20:00 - 22:30
plaats: at the Theatre Auditorium of Culture
door Communication

A wonderful and intriguing musical lecture which combines physics and music.

In co-operation with ‘Phoenix Muziek’, S&C organises a musical lecture about Albert Einstein that is filled with physics and music. We all know his name; Albert Einstein. But nowadays you’ll probably sometimes wonder: “Who was this man again?”, “Which of his theories have stunned the world?” and “In what way did his theories influence our current scientific field of knowledge and development?”.

Albert Einstein was more than just a scientist: he was also an amateur violinist. His mother signed him up for violin lessons when he was young and he ended up playing a lot of Mozart’s music during the rest of his life. This music made it easier for him to relax and helped him think clearly when he was challenged by difficulties within the field of mathematics or physics.

On Saturday 20 May 2017, you can experience the effect of this music yourself as The Phoenix, wind orchestra from Wateringen, will bring you the following production: Albert Einstein: a Musical Lecture.  Giving you a glimpse into the mind of the physicist whose name we all know so well.

Together with scientist and comedian Chris van Eck, The Phoenix brings you an unique combination of music within a lecture. ‘Catharsis’, a piece by composer Geert Schrijvers, will express ‘gravity’ in a musical way. Also, the combustion engine will not be forgotten. ‘Internal Combustion’, written by composer David Gillingham and with choreography by LUX, will explain you everything about Einstein's famous formula E = mc2. Also other well-known scientific topics will be part of this evening full of music and science, such as ‘speed of light’, ‘space travel’ and ‘black holes’.  

With ‘Albert Einstein: a Musical Lecture’, you’ll experience an evening like you have never seen or heard before.

Get your tickets via http://einstein.phoenixwateringen.nl/. The sale will be starting soon.

For updates about this musical lecture, check the Facebook page of Phoenix Music.

Saturday | 20:00 - 22:30 | at the Theatre Auditorium of Culture | €12,50,- students & €16,- non-students [In co-op with Phoenix Muziek]


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